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June 12, 2015 By Dr. Josepha Cruze

An abortion is nothing, but the removal of a fetus from the mother’s womb considering it as an unwanted pregnancy. A women can decide to take this step only in a condition if the mother and the baby get a risk health risk, or fetus get a defect risk or when the pregnancy took place enforcement, when mother got a health risk, when the pregnancy goes wrong, etc. a female can go for the pregnancy abortion in two ways medical and surgical. Widely the women prefer to use medical abortion to prevent from surgical process and to save their precious time. Medical abortion is very less time consuming and easiest process of early abortion. When the medical process falls short to succeed the surgical process take place. Well, this is hardly happening, if you consume the medicine as per the recommended manner you will get your early pregnancy easily aborted and could get prevent from surgical risk. Medical abortion is only prescribed to abort an early pregnancy, it means a woman with 50 days or 7 weeks of gestation must use this medication to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This pill fails to work for the late pregnancy, in such, you may need to go under surgical process. So see to it if you are looking for the abortion or termination of unwanted pregnancy make sure that you have a pregnancy less than 8 weeks, this comes under the early pregnancy stage where it becomes easy to lapse down the unwished pregnancy secretly and privately. 

RU486 a medication to finish undesired pregnancy

RU486 is a complete and absolute abortion pills that work to finish an early pregnancy RU486 also comes in a Kit of active medicine called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both jointly work to exclude the pregnancy easily. RU486 Kit embraces 5 pills 1 of Mifepristone (200 mg) and 4 pills of Misoprostol, each holding (200 mcg). Mifepristone (RU486)  considered a primary medicine and misoprostol accounted a secondary medicine to terminate an early pregnancy.

How active the abortion pill is?

RU486 found exerting by many of the women around the globe and has admitted 97% active is response. It acts best to end the unwanted pregnancy, without going under any surgical abortion. Medical abortion is the safest, less time consuming and private ending form of pregnancy. One can make it done by sitting at home without involving any second person in the process. You can get your pregnancy exclusion secretly without disclosing. You just need to follow the process of abortion as it has been recommended without practicing any of the pills wrongly, as this may enhance the risk of surgical abortion.

How does RU486 KIT work?

RU486 along with medication called Mifepristone and misoprostol works superbly to finish the undesired pregnancy. Mifepristone anti-progesterone leads to tangles the progesterone receptor to encumber the receptor, hence obstructing progesterone from tethering. This medicine is declared to lay off an early pregnancy measuring 7 weeks of last menstruation. The hormone, which is accountable to build a pregnancy, breaks down to develop pregnancy by this medication. RU486 hold weak anti-glucocorticoid & anti-androgenic effect. This kit aids ease & intensifies the cervix, origins deicidal necrosis, rises the release of uterine coating prostaglandin, lifts uterine compression&enhances uterine compassion to organize prostaglandin.

How to take the dosage?

First step:-

Make sure that you are pregnant. You can use the pregnant test card for confirmation.

Second step:-

Exert the primary medicine called mifepristone initially to let the fetus get slay. After that use secondary medicine called misoprostol a set of 4 pills to eliminate the fetus out from the womb.

First Mifepristone 200 mg needs to be taken orally then misoprostol of 800 mcg, (4 pills of 200 mcg) within 1–3 days orally or sometimes vaginally, as it depends upon the vaginal bleeding process. After, the first dose of misoprostol you fail to get the fetus aborted exert second dose after the gap of 5 hours. After, exerting the entire 4 supplements of misoprostol you need to go for a clinical checkup to know whether you got the fetus terminated absolutely or not. When you get the vaginal bleeding during the medication it means that you are getting a fetus eliminated from the womb. You might get this bleeding for a week or more than that or until you get the baby terminated properly. After, the process visits the doctor within 10-14 days.

Prevention to be taken

This medicine is not for late pregnancy or developed pregnancy. A woman in breastfeeding phase must consult the doctor before consuming this medicine. A woman holding an unhealthy habit such as smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. must completely stop exercising it as it may enhance the risk of side-effects. Make sure that you don’t have any kind of austere health hurdle.

How safe the medication is

Well it completely depends upon the usage process. If, you run the dosage improperly it may lead to developing the risk of side-effects. Its proper intake reduces the risk of pregnancy.

  • Infrequent, but likely risks comprises
  • One may get an allergic reaction to any of the pills
  • partial abortion, some part of the fetus get left inside the uterus
  • Sometimes, if the medicine exerts wrongly the failure of pregnancy termination takes place.
  • One may get infection
  • One might get the risk of blood clots in the uterus
  • unnoticed ectopic pregnancy
  • you may notice sometimes very heavy form of bleeding


The medication gets contraindicated, if the egg doubted to inseminated in the womb, the letdown of chronic adrenal, synchronized enduring corticosteroid rehabilitation, an allergic to mifepristone, or another prostaglandin, bleeding grievances, liver or kidney complication, pregnancy &breast feeding; undiagnosed uterus mass, etc.

Side-effects of RU486

Queasiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, mild fever, chills, vaginal bleeding, etc. well these are the normal phase of side-effects; whereas, harsh breathing, blood clots, rapid heartbeats, excessive vaginal bleeding, etc. measured as severe form of side-effects. At this phase, one need to rush for the doctors help.


Store the medicine (RU486) at room temperature.