Funds Transfer with Transferwise App

Transferwise App is best to send money abroad quickly and easily, at the lowest possible cost with TransferWise.

Our Shippers are based in the USA and India so we need the Transferwise App for receiving payments.

You can use Credit card / Debit card or Online Bank services with the Transferwise for processing your payment for pills order.

First you need to install Transferwise App on your phone.

For Android Users please use this link below :

For Apple/iPhone users please use this link below :

Step 1 :

Select the country where you want to send money. Click “Register” to create an account if you’re a first-time user otherwise click “Log In”.

Please change your currency to USD or GBP according to your country and below keep it INR for Indian Bank transfer.

Step 2 :

Click “Sign Up” to Create an account if you’re a first time user otherwise enter an email ID and password. Click “Log In

Step 4

Fill out basic information and click “Sign Up”

Step 5

Select “Source and Destination countries”, enter the “Amount” you want to send & select “Payment Method”. Click “Continue”

Step 6

Select whether it is a “Personal Transfer” or a “Business Transfer”. So, here you select “Personal Transfer”, its fast and no problem further.

Step 7

Enter your personal details including full name, date of birth, phone number and address. Click “Continue”

Step 8

Select the type of the recipient -here you select Someone Else as a Friend.

Step 9

Fill out “Sender’s Bank Details” or “Debit/Credit Card Details” Fill out Recipient’s “Basic Information” & “Account Details”. Click “Confirm”. For account details please Whatsapp us – we will provide you Email ID , full name of account holder, IFSC code and Account number.

Step 10

Select the “Reason for your transfer” and click “Continue” and select Family Maintenance or Payments to friends.

Step 11

Carefully review the “Sending Amount”, “Recipient’s Information” and “Recipient’s Bank details”. Click “Confirm and Continue”

Step 12

Select the “Payment Method” and click “Continue to Review”

Step 13

Select the bank and link your bank account to TransferWise securely using your credentials.

Step 14

Select an account and authorize the payment

You can pay with a Credit card also. Once you paid send me transaction details. Whatsapp or Email us at

For more info or any kind of help please Whatsapp us directly.